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Welcome to Victoria Nursery (Harbour Heights). Our campus combined with the very first campus ever established, in 1965 at Hing Fat Street, and also with the first nursery established in 1975 at Tin Hau Temple Road, and moved to Fortress Hill in 1999. Today, four hundred and sixty enthusiastic students bound into our kindergarten eager to learn.

Harbour Heights campus runs bilingual and trilingual programmes for 2 to 6 year olds from Pre-Nursery to K3 within the framework of the IB Primary Years Programme, and the Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. We also offer enriching activities for children, such as gymnastics, djembe, ukulele, melodica and hand chime lessons. The hand chime team established in our campus, is the first kindergarten hand chime team in Hong Kong.


Reading and Writing Top experts improving children’s reading and writing
Our campus has been a project and partner school of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project of Columbia University since 2014. This is an inquiry based programme that immerses children into the world of literacy, allowing them to develop their abilities, confidence, and stamina as readers and writers. The student workshops are collaboratively conducted between the class teachers, and through these the students encounter literacy and language through different genres and styles. The programme has proven to be extremely successful amongst the students, who have demonstrated high levels of focus, enthusiasm, and commitment to learning.
Primary School Placements Over 2000 graduating students offered top primary school places
Students get a great start at Victoria. Harbour Heights campus’ holistic approach prepares our students academically as well as socially and emotionally for the challenges that lie ahead. It is estimated that 65% of children entering primary school this year will ultimately hold jobs that have not yet been invented so our curriculum encourages students to be independent, and to use creative problem solving skills that will prepare them for this unknown and exciting future. Our dedicated ‘Entry to Primary Interview Programme’ enables the students to practice their interview skills in order to boost their confidence in talking about themselves and their learning in a positive and constructive manner.
Award Winning Campus The Gold Prize in International Design Awards (IDA)
The staff and community worked closely with designers to create an environment that encourages learning and development for our students. Within the school there is a playful atmosphere enhanced by spaces that use pastel tones and fun design elements to specifically engage the attention of children, keeping them focused and ‘on-task’ throughout the day. The interactive features of the school are inviting to young children, and our innovative use of facilities creates safe spaces in which children feel comfortable, and eager to pursue their interests.
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Specialised Facilities 20,000 square feet of purpose built facilities
The three-storey campus covers a total area of 20,000 square feet. In addition to 12 classrooms, the campus has two play areas, as well as a multi-purpose fitness room equipped with a mini climbing wall, all of which are designed to develop gross motor skills in our students. Our bilingual library is comfortable and well organised so that students can access appropriately levelled fiction and non-fiction books on a variety of interesting and exciting topics. Our large construction areas, sand and water areas, and purpose built sensory room all allow children to develop their self-awareness within a hands on, inquiry learning structure.
Extra-Curricular Interests Encouraging students to have a balanced lifestyle
As well as academic achievement, we place a strong emphasis on children following their interests across a wide range of activities. Music and the Arts are celebrated at Harbour Heights. During their lessons in our purpose built music and art studios students develop creativity and imagination, and confidence in their individual abilities. We encourage the children to join extracurricular groups such as Grasshopper Scouts, choir, and hand chimes. Our campus’ hand chimes team is the first Kindergarten team in Hong Kong and they have the accolade of attaining Grade A in the Joint School Music Competition in 2017 held by the Hong Kong Joint School Music Association.
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Harbour Heights | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery ,Infant & Toddler Programme
Harbour Heights | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery ,Infant & Toddler Programme
Harbour Heights | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery ,Infant & Toddler Programme
Harbour Heights | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery ,Infant & Toddler Programme
Harbour Heights | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery ,Infant & Toddler Programme
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Harbour Heights Campus Ko Fung Court, 5 Fook Yum Road, Harbour Heights, North Point, Hong Kong
TEL: 2571 7888
FAX:2510 8421
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