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    Nursery Class (K1) and Pre-Nursery Class (PN)
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    幼兒班 (K1)及小組班 (PN)
    幼儿班 (K1)及小组班 (PN)
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Curriculum Brochure 維多利亞教育機構課程簡介 维多利亚教育机构课程简介
Infant &Toddler Programme | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery, Infant &Toddler Programme


Victoria Educational Organisation (VEO) offers the highest quality infant and toddler programmes for children aged 8 to 36 months in Hong Kong and Kowloon. Our infant and toddler programmes foster curious, confident, independent, and well-balanced little learners inspired and excited to make an impact on their future world! The VEO classroom is both a stimulating and nurturing environment that encourages students to embark on their own inquiry-based learning journeys to new concepts, core values and vital future ready skills.

Across our infant and toddler programmes at VEO, we are laser-focused on three key learning outcomes:

I Can Explore Children learn to explore their environment using their senses.
I Can Speak Children use music, movement, art and language to express their thoughts and feelings.
I Feel and I Care Children learn to build positive relationships with adults and other children.

Victoria (Kornhill) Nursery, located on Hong Kong Island, is a campus model of VEO kindergarten, offering an expertly curated early childhood education and pre-nursery (PN) programme in an inspiring, bilingual environment. Each session in the playgroup programmes is two hours long, enabling children to participate in more extension activities using two languages.

Victoria Playpark, with two centres in Wanchai (Harcourt House) and Tsim Sha Tsui (K11 MUSEA), offers an engaging trilingual playgroup programme in a state-of-the-art, purpose built indoor “park” that stimulates multi-sensory learning. Each session in the programmes is 90 minutes long. Children experience an array of play-based activities using three languages.

In terms of similarities, in addition to sharing the same three learning outcomes, both Victoria Kornhill Nursery and Victoria Playpark offer theme-based learning through play and follow the “one-teacher-one-language” approach. Our teachers are highly-skilled, native-speaking educators recruited from around the world. They teach similar themed curricula that foster whole-child development by encouraging children to participate, explore their five senses, improve their social skills, express their emotions in a balanced way, and hone language skills. The learning programmes at both campuses are focused on ensuring children’s preparation for and smooth transition to the IB Primary Years Programme. With respect to differences in the duration of each session and the number of languages used, we have such differentiation so as to meet the needs of diverse families.

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A creative child

A creative child

Creativity, imagination, and representation allow children to share their thoughts, feelings, understanding, and identities with others; using drawings, words, movement, music, dance, and imaginative play.


A creative child

An inquisitive child

Growing up and making connections is about helping young children to get to know themselves and their own capabilities. Being acknowledged and affirmed by important people in their lives leads children to gain confidence and inner strength.


A creative child

An expressive child

As children engage in pretend play, they develop their thinking, language, and imaginative skills to help them express themselves confidently.


A creative child

A confident child

A confident child has the courage to explore the new things within his/her physical environment and his/her emotional relationships with others.


A creative child

A healthy child

Being healthy means more than just having nutritious food and being free from illness. Babies and young children need care for their physical, social, and emotional health and well being.


A creative child

A friendly child

In order to develop strong social skills, babies and young children need to be together with a key person and others in a warm, loving relationship where they share emotions and experiences.