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Harbour Green Campus


Welcome to Victoria (Harbour Green) International Nursery / Victoria (Harbour Green) Kindergarten!

We are one of two Victoria Educational Organisation Kindergartens on the Kowloon side (near Olympic and Nam Cheong MTR station), and welcome 430 enthusiastic students through our doors every morning!

Harbour Green Campus offers trilingual programmes for Pre-Nursery to K3 classes (2-6 year olds) in alignment with the IB Primary Years Programme and the Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP). We also offer cross-curricula enrichment activities in the areas of music, art and sport to foster children’s balanced development.


Learning is Everywhere

A large common open area allows for innovative experiences

Large, open-space learning areas are a signature feature of the 21st century school. At Victoria Harbour Green, six different sections of our large open play area allow for the development of literacy, mathematics, role-play, sensory, arts and science skills. Each section of the play area is updated throughout the year and linked to the Units of Inquiry students are investigating. Through innovative learning experiences, we are able to extend students’ learning from each individual classroom to the common play area so that they can make connections from the individual to community learning levels.

Inquiry based Library

Supporting inquiry learning by reading

Our library provides a relaxed and safe environment that offers repeated exposure to positive interactions. In this space, students enjoy access to a wide variety of books and are exposed to diverse story hours and lessons taught by our experienced librarian. All of these experiences have a significant impact on brain development, foster students’ curiosity, and help to develop vital early literacy and mathematical skills. Most importantly, our library provides an opportunity for students to develop a love of books and reading. The collection of books in our library is organised according to the six transdisciplinary themes and the 10 learner profile attributes of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

21st Century Learning

Constructing a student-centred, skill-driven, concept-based curriculum

As thoughtful educators who are committed to continuous improvement, we reflect annually on our curriculum and the way we teach it. Our well-trained teachers are able to deliver the most up-to-date cutting edge trilingual programme by applying their knowledge gained from participating in worldwide professional development workshops. Best practices of 21st century teaching and learning involves certain strategic timeless elements. Flexibility is one of the key elements when delivering a programme, which promotes skill-driven, concept-based and play-based learning. We know that using technology with our students is also one of the keys in unlocking 21st century global skill sets. Hence, all our classrooms, including our library, are equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard and a visualizer, which are used to enhance learning.

Convenient Location

Located in West Kowloon

Location is not simply a matter of providing safe and enjoyable learning experiences for children. More importantly, parents appreciate the accessibility of our school. Victoria Harbour Green is conveniently located in one of Hong Kong’s developing areas – West Kowloon. Our school is easily accessible by the MTR, which is just 5 minutes’ walking distance from the Olympic Station. Located in a private residential estate, the safety and privacy of our students is of paramount importance. A warm, welcoming, and highly supervised environment is a must when it comes to early childhood education.

World Class Teachers

internationally qualified native speaking teachers

All of our teaching staff are enthusiastic, energetic, qualified, native English-, Putonghua- and Cantonese-speaking Early Childhood Educators who are committed to working in a dynamic environment. They are recruited from all around the world including Europe, North America, and Asia. As lifelong learners, striving for excellence in Early Years Education, our teachers participate regularly in structured professional development opportunities. These include seminars and workshops conducted by experts from the International Baccalaureate Organization, project developers from Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, and specialist early childhood educators from overseas or Mainland China.

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