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Victoria (Carmel-on-the-Hill) Playgroup

Our Mission

Victoria (Carmel-on-the-Hill) Playgroup offers an innovative learning and teaching environment that foster teachers' professionalism and stimulates children’s creativity to help them to reach their full potential.

Our Curriculum and Approaches

As a member of Victoria Educational Organisation (VEO), the curriculum of Victoria (Carmel-on-the-Hill) Playgroup has been expertly-designed by experienced educators. Whilst we share the same education philosophy of VEO, our operation is independent. Our teaching team is experienced and professional, teaching with care and passion, and are dedicated to serve Victoria (Carmel-on-the-Hill) Playgroup only.

Our infant & toddler programme begins when infants reach the age of 8 months. We encourage learning through play and parental involvement. Our programmes are trilingual and inquiry based, adopting our one-teacher-one-language immersion approach. Our high quality programmes help to develop young children’s creativity, cognitive and social skills, as well help to facilitate their transition to and preparation for pre-nursery schooling.

Our Campus

We provide a high quality resources and engaging environment to stimulate the children’s talented capabilities. Our environment is created to give children an opportunity to engage in a variety of learning experiences, through our unique Sensory Room, Art Room, Music Room, Multi-function Room, Library and Play area.


Victoria (Carmel-on-the-Hill) Playgroup will start in September 2019. For timetable and application details, please click the button below.

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