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Welcome to Kornhill Victoria Nursery / Kornhill Victoria Kindergarten!

Our campus is one of Victoria Education Organisation’s kindergartens located on the east side of Hong Kong Island. We welcome over 300 eager students through our doors every day!

Middle Kornhill Campus prides itself on fostering a close relationship between parents and teachers. This partnership ensures that students, parents and educators are all focused on the same goal: helping students reach their greatest potential.


Natural Learning Environment A natural environment enhances learning
At Middle Kornhill campus, we pride ourselves on our inviting natural environment. Large windows filled with natural sunshine, filtering throughout the greenery-filled school corridors, enhance the learning of our children. Studies have shown the key outcomes of natural light in the classroom include students who are significantly more focused on their learning, who have improved mood and mental alertness, and who display increased productivity. It has also been shown that there is a considerable increase in learning speed made possible by natural light, and this can have a significant positive effect on student achievement. Natural light simply creates a more productive and successful environment for students. In our campus, we strive to use every area to allow learning to flow freely, and to allow a variety of activities to occur in a number of different spaces.
Relationships Matter Positive relationships are embedded within our core values
We feel that the single most important factor in really engaging students in their learning at school is the formulation of positive relationships. We know that the link between these relationships and student achievement is very strong. That is why our continual focus is always on how we can improve the interactions between our students and teachers and all our school community members. For us, these relationships are characterised by respect, warmth, and open communication.
Bilingual Storybooks Bilingual storybooks open the doors to deeper learning
Middle Kornhill campus has developed a school-wide literacy focus using bilingual storybooks. The teachers use a chosen bilingual story to launch a specific unit of inquiry, and to provide stimulus for that unit. This helps to introduce the students to different concepts in a natural and authentic manner. Learning activities focused on literacy skills in both Chinese and English help to develop the students' multilingual understanding. Collaborative teaching environments also help to spark the students' enthusiasm and curiosity about the unit of inquiry.
Trilingual Learning Trilingual learning is incorporated in an authentic environment
Studies in language development show that when young students have more exposure to languages at an early age, they actually have a distinct academic advantage throughout life. Bilingual or multilingual programs show students a broader world view, whatever the native language of the student, and lead to greater opportunities for collaborative learning. This is why we immerse our students in a stimulating trilingual environment. Because our students are surrounded by all three languages (Cantonese, English and Mandarin) on a daily basis, they acquire the 2nd and 3rd language in much the same way they learn their first language. All language teachers collaboratively plan the learning engagements across all subject areas, thus ensuring that students will come into contact with all three languages in an authentic manner.
Harmonious Community Harmonious collaboration is vital for student achievement
In keeping with our core values, Middle Kornhill campus strives to create an environment where teachers and parents work collaboratively to prepare our students to be the best that they can be. Throughout the year, our school invites both parents and members of the community to join in our activities. In some units of inquiry where we are able to make links, we also take our students on fieldtrips into the surrounding community. We hope that with the close collaboration between the different parts of the community, the students will learn the importance of valuing and caring for others.
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Natural Learning Environment
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Middle Kornhill Campus 2/F, No. 18 Hong On Street, Kornhill, Hong Kong
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