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Upper Kornhill | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery & Playgroup
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Welcome to Victoria (Kornhill) Nursery.  We are the playgroup campus located on Hong Kong Island that welcomes 370 eager students each week.
We work in partnership with parents to promote good communication and positive relationships between everyone in our community. Parents can learn some useful information about their children's developmental needs when observing their children during class, by talking to the class teachers, and by taking part in our in-house activities. 


Playgroup - Children from 8 months
Upper Kornhill campus provides a bilingual environment in both Cantonese and English. We have Baby Bee classes for 8-12 month old children, Toddler Bee classes for 1-2 year old children, and Honey Bee classes for 2-3 year old children. Our 8-12 month baby class curriculum is based on specific developmental needs, and the activities are in line with the age and stage of children's development. Our 1-2 year old Toddler Bee curriculum is play based, and also focuses on the child’s developmental needs. Our 2-3 year old Honey Bee curriculum not only provides a play based curriculum, but also offers a “Separation Programme” which helps to prepare the children to transition in to their new educational journey in nursery or kindergarten.
Curriculum designed for under 3s
The curriculum is designed to inspire children’s thinking, and stimulate their brain development through a wide range of musical, art, language, physical, and sensory activities. By interacting with our English and Chinese staff, and participating in daily activities in a stimulating learning environment, the children are able to develop their potential, express their emotions, and establish close relationships with others.
Innovative environment
We provide a holistic learning environment, including a variety of learning areas within the classrooms. Our state-of-the-art interactive sensory area is inviting to the children, and allows them to explore textures, media and materials. The gross motor activity area encourages the children to take risks in a safe and secure environment, under the watchful eyes of parents, teachers and our school nurse. Another new addition to our campus is our parent and child kitchen. This area allows the children to have safe and meaningful learning experiences with the comfort of their parents close by. We also boast an exciting indoor sand and water play area, providing the children with stimulating activities that arouse their interest.
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Upper Kornhill | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery & Playgroup
Upper Kornhill | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery & Playgroup
Upper Kornhill | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery & Playgroup
Upper Kornhill | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery & Playgroup
Upper Kornhill | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery & Playgroup
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Upper Kornhill Campus G/F., 14 Hong Yue Street, Kornhill, Hong Kong
TEL: 2513 1208
FAX:2886 1587
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