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Applications for AY2024/25
    Nursery Class (K1) and Pre-Nursery Class (PN)
    are now open!
    幼兒班 (K1)及小組班 (PN)
    幼儿班 (K1)及小组班 (PN)
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The best teachers are passionate about their students and their own professional growth. Our teachers are native speakers of English, Putonghua or Cantonese. They serve as champions, challengers, connectors and role models for our students, pushing the latter to think creatively and deeply, and also cultivating their leadership skills. They are committed to building a dynamic environment that will engage you, the parents, every step of the way.

Most of our English-speaking teachers come from the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada.

Meet our leadership team

Faculty Lovan Ho Principal of Belcher Campus

Children’s innocent smiles and candid questions are a major part of the reason I committed my professional life to early childhood education. Over the past few years, I have been constantly innovating and actively accepting new challenges. Providing an enjoyable and suitable learning environment in which the children may grow is not something that can be achieved by just one individual. I am fortunate to work with a group of professionals endowed with a rich sense of responsibility, and together we strive to create a safe and happy interactive learning environment for children.

Faculty Dianna Chan Principal of Harbour Green Campus

After working as a teacher at Victoria, I moved on to become the Chief Curriculum Coordinator of Victoria Central Development Section. I was honoured to take on the role of Principal at Harbour Green campus. Additionally, my official role as IB trainer for the IBO allows me to conduct IB workshops and perform authorisation visits in schools across Asia. I am delighted to be able to work with a dedicated teaching team that strives to demonstrate the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile objectives: expressive, balanced, inquiring and caring individuals.

Faculty Debbie Cheng Principal of Harbour Heights Campus

My two sons are both graduates of Victoria, so I have experienced first-hand the quality of Victoria’s educational programme. I feel proud to pursue a career as an early childhood educator, helping to cultivate the future pillars of our society. I always bear in mind the spirit of self-reflection and inquiry. I regularly take part in IB training and have visited Indonesia, Singapore and other countries. This has enhanced my understanding of learning through exploration and of how we can continue to stimulate children’s desire to learn. These concepts form part of the vision fostered within the Harbour Heights family.

Faculty Blanche Kwok Principal of Homantin Campus

As a mother, I understand the anticipation parents feel for their children, and the expectations they have of school. Our attitude towards children has a significant impact on their behavior and future development. Therefore, I am adamant about promoting children’s holistic development and about encouraging them to become positive and proactive learners. Furthermore, I also believe in the importance of parent-school collaboration in enhancing children’s development. I hope our students embody the spirit of being eager learners, able communicators, responsible citizens and innovative thinkers, and move through their life journey with ambition and purpose.

Faculty Lesley Wong Principal of Lower Kornhill Campus

Having been a member of Victoria’s curriculum development team, a Head Teacher, Principal, and mother of two successful Victoria alumni, I have witnessed development and growth in children in many forms. My belief is that teachers are gardeners who cultivate seeds so they may grow into strong seedlings. Every child is unique and has a different potential. The dedicated and loyal teaching team who ensure the success of Lower Kornhill agree that children need to face different challenges in their process of growing. We strive to cultivate them to become global citizens, and to be prepared for the challenges of the future.

Faculty Cathin Wong Principal of Middle Kornhill Campus

I began my career in education as a teacher, and advanced to the position of Chief Curriculum Co-ordinator of the VEO curriculum team before taking on my current role as school Principal. Undertaking these different work experiences has enabled me to appreciate the true meaning of the teaching spirit. An effective educator understands the needs of the school community and how to facilitate a successful education for all involved. Middle Kornhill prides itself on its close relationships between parents and teachers. This partnership ensures that we are all headed in the same direction: helping our students to be the best they can be.

Faculty Josephine Wu Principal of Ocean Pride Campus

After 20 years of working in Early Years Education, I have learnt to appreciate the importance of inquiry-based learning for children. Each child is born an inquirer, and it is the teacher’s responsibility to develop their eagerness to learn, and to provide an appropriate learning environment for them to inquire, learn, and be creative.

Faculty Karen Hui Principal of South Horizons Campus

A multicultural upbringing has helped me to appreciate and respect every one. As an educator, I hope to help children become open-minded, confident communicators and to develop a lifelong love of learning. Kindergarten builds a solid foundation for the rest of their educational endeavours.

Faculty Gabriel Li Principal of Upper Kornhill Campus

Our Upper Kornhill campus is the very first nursery established in the Victoria family, designed for children and infants under 3 years old. We are also the only campus that provides Infant & Toddler Programme learning opportunities. Together with my professional teaching team, I aim to offer students a safe and enjoyable learning environment, and to teach them to become confident and eager learners. We work in partnership with parents to encourage open communication and positive relationships. Parents can learn a lot about their child’s developmental needs by observing their child in class, talking to the teachers and by taking part in in-house activities.

Faculty Genevieve Best Director of English Studies

As our school song goes, “parents, teachers, you and I make Victoria a family.” Being part of the Victoria family for many years as a parent of two Victoria graduates, and as part of the English team, it is exciting to have seen many children blossom with Victoria’s unique curriculum and multilingual approach. With the help of parents and dedicated staff, our students begin their educational journey in a nurturing environment and go on to become lifelong learners.

Meet our supporting team

Faculty Freda Vagana Head of Curriculum Studies – English

As an educator, I understand the importance of a balanced approach to teaching and learning. I believe as educators, we are responsible for teaching and providing learning opportunities that will enable our children to become successful global citizens.

Faculty Lam Wai Chu Curriculum Head Teacher – Chinese Faculty Janey Ho Curriculum Head Teacher – English

I aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment that nurtures students’ curiosity, facilitates inquiry, promotes the IB learner profile and encourages a love of reading and writing. I am committed to becoming an effective communicator, to help build collaborative and respectful relationships between students, teachers and parents.

Faculty Cecily Ko Curriculum Development Coordinator

My mission as an educator is to help children to develop their potential by believing in them as capable individuals. I will guide children to learn about who they are, so they can express themselves freely in a safe environment. My vision is living in a world where people respect, accept and embrace their differences.