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Welcome to Victoria Kindergarten and Victoria International Nursery!
Our (Lower Kornhill) campus is in the Eastern District of Hong Kong and is accessible by public transport. We offer world-class programmes for Pre-Nursery-Upper Class-aged children in alignment with the IB Primary Years Programme and the Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.
By incorporating the performing arts within our curriculum, we strive to achieve a balanced curriculum that focuses on the holistic development of students. The diverse learning zones on campus encourage and cultivate students’ critical thinking.


Teacher Student Ratio One qualified teacher to 8 students
As a school we value the importance of the teacher:student ratio. To further enhance teaching and learning we provide 3 qualified teachers in every classroom. This allows for more quality teaching within small groups, and a greater focus on the needs of individual children. Teachers are able to develop and foster quality relationships with the children, and create a stimulating, highly effective learning environment that leads to improved learning outcomes for the students.
Literacy in All Areas of Curriculum Top experts improving children’s reading and writing
The campus has been a partner school of the Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project since 2014. This is an inquiry based programme that immerses children into the world of literacy, allowing them to develop their abilities, confidence, and stamina as readers and writers. The workshops with the children are collaboratively conducted by class teachers, who help the students encounter literacy and language through different genres and styles. The project has proven to be extremely successful amongst the students, who have demonstrated high levels of focus, enthusiasm, and commitment to learning.
Location Highly accessible by public transport (1-min walk from Taikoo MTR station)
Our school is located in the Taikoo Shing area on Hong On Street, Kornhill, and is easily accessible to all public transport. Taikoo MTR station is right on our doorstep, just a few minutes walk down the road. Our school is surrounded by multiple shops and restaurants. AEON, one of the large supermarkets in Hong Kong is directly across the road, and houses a carpark above. There are also many restaurants and cafes accessible for parents who want to meet up before or after school.
Successful Life-long Learners Preparing your children for future success
We value the development of positive relationships, and work collaboratively with you as parents to prepare your children to become highly successful learners. This is important to us because research shows that the students who are likely to be the most successful in life; academically, socially and emotionally, are those who have a high level of parental involvement in their education. Successful entry into primary school is a very important stepping stone for students graduating from Lower Kornhill, so throughout the school year, our school plans key activities in the K2 and K3 classes to prepare them for this next step in their education. We also hold a Primary One Information Evening for our parents to attend. This Information evening informs parents about the process of applying for the different primary schools, and how the school can support them with this process.
Learning and Play Areas Outside Classrooms Learning and exploring continues outside the classroom
Lower Kornhill is an IB World School that promotes inquiry based learning. We provide multiple learning and play areas for children to access outside of the classrooms, and the activities we provide in these learning areas are all planned and well thought out by our wonderful, highly qualified teachers. These activities enhance children’s learning through encouraging them to explore, inquire about what is around them, and developing vital social skills.
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Lower Kornhill | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery ,Infant & Toddler Programme
Lower Kornhill | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery ,Infant & Toddler Programme
Lower Kornhill | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery ,Infant & Toddler Programme
Lower Kornhill | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery ,Infant & Toddler Programme
Lower Kornhill | Victoria Kindergarten, Nursery ,Infant & Toddler Programme
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Lower Kornhill Campus 2 - 8 Hong On Street, Kornhill, Hong Kong
TEL: 2885 3331
FAX:2567 2359
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