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Meet our leadership team

Debbie Cheng Principal

My two sons are both graduates of Victoria, so I have experienced first hand the quality of Victoria’s educational programme. I feel proud pursuing a career as an early childhood educator, and helping cultivate the future pillars of our society. I always bear in mind the spirit of self-reflection and inquiry. I regularly take part in IB training and have visited Indonesia, Singapore and other countries. This has enhanced my understanding and perspectives on learning through exploration, and how we can continue to stimulate children’s desire to learn. These concepts are part of the vision fostered within the Harbour Heights family.

Tara Harris Head Teacher

Having many years of teaching experience in Asia, I love to travel and have learned a great deal from many different cultures. I am a caring person who believes in creating fun and challenging learning environments, enabling children to explore, inquire and grow from their own experiences.

Agnes Tang Head Teacher

I am willing to accept challenges to enrich my life with multidimensional interests. I constantly reflect so that I can improve. I strive to be a balanced person in all aspects – knowledge, skills, attitudes, work and family, and I wish to bring this message to people around me.

Claudia Wong Head Teacher

In the process of learning and teaching, it is exciting to find children growing interested in a topic, and willing to think and inquire further. It is important for children to learn methods and skills, instead of having solutions given to them. Children are expected to break through to enhance their creativity to solve problems.

Manna Lam Head Teacher

I like to share my life experiences with children, so that they can learn to establish connections between theory and practice during their learning process and explore their learning potential. I believe that through interactive and collaborative approaches, children can truly enjoy the fun of knowledge exploration in their learning journey.

Tina Yu PYP Coordinator

Through many years of teaching experience, I deeply understand the importance of inquiry-based learning in the comprehensive skill development of young children. We encourage children to acquire new knowledge through inquiry and questioning, which helps them develop an interest in learning and the skills to apply their knowledge.

Anna Hobbs Curriculum Coordinator

I am dedicated to fostering a love of learning, empowering students’ thinking skills, and creating a collaborative learning environment, built on caring and trust, for students and educators alike.