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Learning at Victoria is the first step on your children’s journey to success.

Our playgroup programme therefore begins when infants reach the age of 8 months. Our environment is created to give parents an opportunity to engage their children in a variety of learning experiences.

Accompanied by parents or primary caregivers, infants gain a sense of security when meeting new people, and develop a happy learning attitude from the beginning.

In actively working with parents and care-givers we will strive to develop:

A creative child

A creative children

Creativity, imagination, and representation allow children to share their thoughts, feelings, understanding, and identities with others; using drawings, words, movement, music, dance, and imaginative play.

An inquisitive child

An inquisitive children

Growing up and making connections is about helping young children to get to know themselves and their own capabilities. Being acknowledged and affirmed by important people in their lives leads children to gain confidence and inner strength.

An expressive child

An expressive children

As children engage in pretend play, they develop their thinking, language, and imaginative skills to help them express themselves confidently.

A confident child

A confident children

A confident children has the courage to explore the new things within his/her physical environment and his/her emotional relationships with others.

A healthy child

A healthy children

Being healthy means more than just having nutritious food and being free from illness. Babies and young children need care for their physical, social, and emotional health and well being.

A friendly child

A friendly children

In order to develop strong social skills, babies and young children need to be together with a key person and others in a warm, loving relationship where they share emotions and experiences.

Our beautiful, specially designed nursery school with its age appropriate resources is the ideal place to grow your children’s skills and abilities. Our caring and highly trained staff will support you in developing your parenting skills as we walk together, with your children, on this incredible journey of discovery.