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AY 2022/23 Admissions
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2022/23 學年
2022/23 學年
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Homantin Campus



Meet our leadership team

Faculty Blanche Kwok Principal

Faculty BLANCHE KWOK Principal of Homantin Campus As a mother I understand the anticipation parents have for their children, and the expectations they have of the school. Our attitude towards the children has a significant impact on their behavior and future development. Therefore, I am adamant about promoting children’s holistic development, and encouraging them to become positive and proactive learners. Furthermore, I also believe in the importance of parent-school collaboration in enhancing children’s development. I hope our students embody the spirit of being eager learners, able communicators, responsible citizens, and innovative thinkers, and move through their life journey with ambition and positivity.

Faculty Irene Leung Head Teacher

Each child is unique; children learn and adapt at their own pace and according to their ability. Not only do children learn about different subject areas, but also learn to realise their potential and manage their emotions. Every day, I am so fortunate to be amongst young children and have invaluable experiences with them.

Faculty Flora Cheng Head Teacher

Every year I meet new students with unique personalities. Throughout the years, I have witnessed their development and growth, which has left me with wonderful memories. Education changes lives, and Early Years Education makes a lasting impact on children. For this reason, I am so proud to be an early year’s educator.

Faculty Sonika Mahbubani Head Teacher

I aim to provide students with learning opportunities that cater to their individual needs, interests and inquiries. I also aim to ensure that our students are happy and develop a true love of learning. I believe that every child has the potential to achieve their dreams, and that with positive support and encouragement, the sky is the limit!