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Victoria (Harbour Green) Kindergarten


Victoria (Harbour Green) Kindergarten successfully became an authorized Primary Years Programme IB World School
as of April 2016.


Our Mission

We will strive to empower and nurture our students with an international mindedness, being open minded global citizens with a willingness to share. Learning is engaging and child-centred where everyone is involved with a positive attitude. Students develop the essential skills of knowledge, attributes, concepts, skills and to care for their surroundings, and the community. In addition, students learn purposefully from authentic experiences and explore with different media to enhance all areas of learning; such as literacy, numeracy, science, social studies, arts and personal and social physical education.


International Baccalaureate: Primary Years Programme

IB Learner Profile

In the Primary Years Programme, students strive to develop to become into internationally-minded individuals who help to create a better and more peaceful world.

IB learners strive to be…




Transdisciplinary Themes

The Primary Years Programme is organized around six transdisciplinary themes with units of inquiry that are engaging, relevant, challenging and significant.

Who we are

How we express ourselves

Where we are in place and time

How the world works

How we organize ourselves

Sharing the planet


What do we want to learn? The Written Curriculum

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) strives for a balance between the search for understanding (concepts), the acquisition of essential knowledge and transdisciplinary skills, the development of positive attitudes and the opportunity for positive actions. The five (5) components of the written curriculum are considered “essential elements”. In the learning environment, students engage with the curriculum through meaningful situations and engagements. They develop skills that transcend the individual disciplines, which ultimately help them to conduct purposeful inquiry and prepare for further education and life beyond school.


How best will we learn? The Taught Curriculum

The taught curriculum is the written curriculum in action. Central ideas, infused with a spirit of “inquiry”, are chosen in each unit of inquiry that will enhance each student’s understanding of issues of global significance. Inquiry is the process initiated by the students or the teacher that moves the students from their current level of understanding to a new and deeper level of understanding.


How will we know what we have learned? The Assessed Curriculum

The prime objective of assessment in the PYP is to provide feedback on the learning process. Students and teachers should be actively engaged in assessing the students’ progress as part of the development of their wider critical thinking and self-assessment skills.


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A Brief Introduction of Our Campus

Our school is approximately 15,000 square feet in area.

ü 9 Classrooms

ü Multi-function Room

ü Physical Area

ü Reading Area

ü Construction Area

ü Sensory Area

ü Role-Play Area

ü Science and Nature Area

ü Parent’s Area




Streams: Trilingual (English/Cantonese/Putonghua)

Pre-Nursery Class
2-3 years old
Morning session (8:45am ~ 11:45am)
Afternoon session (1:00pm ~ 4:00pm)
Nursery Class
3-4 years old
Lower Class
4-5 years old
Upper Class
5-6 years old
Afternoon session (1:00pm ~ 4:45pm)
Whole Day Upper Class
5-6 years old
Whole Day session (8:45am ~ 4:00pm)